Jeffrey Noordijk

Jeffrey Noordijk

Credits - Gijs de Roij Photography

Jeffrey Noordijk is a singer, improviser, creative music leader and vocal coach based in Soest, The Netherlands. He studied at the HKU Utrechts Conservatorium where he started in 2010 at the
Bachelor of Music in Education. In 2012 he switched to a new study called Musician 3.0, where he developed himself in becoming a versatile singer, a creative music leader and an improviser.
In 2015 he graduated with a concert that consisted of original music in combination with improvised music in various instrumental settings. Shortly after his graduation he released the EP ‘Crossing Lines’ with his band called NORDEN. After the release they were invited by the Dutch radiostation ‘Radio Veronica’ and they headlined the festival ‘Kerspop’.
Later in 2016 the band split up and Jeffrey started focussing on different kinds of work. He started working more as a vocal coach and as a workshop leader / trainer specialised in singing and conducted improvisation through the Kobranie method.

In 2015 he started working for Kobranie and he experienced himself in working on conducted musical improvisation with all kinds of people. From non-musicians to professional musicians and from kids to adults. Their view is that there is a creative talent within everyone and Kobranie is using musical improvisation as a way to unlock this creativity.
In 2018 he became Co-Artistic Leader at Kobranie and he also

Credits - Janneke Tol Photography

started working as a teacher at the HKU Utrechts Conservatorium and he is still passionately doing that nowadays.

As a singer he is active as the lead singer in a semi-acoustic duo together with a guitarist, as a sub in various professional coverbands and in 2022 he started to pursue his dream of taking vocal improvisation to the stage. To get himself inspired, he participated in a course led by the legendary Rhiannon which really lighted up the fire.
During this course he met three singers from the Vokal Orchester NRW and from August 2022 on he is now also part of the Vokal Orchester NRW.